From The Edge of The Ocean 2003 Nov'20
UEN studio B1 studio.
The Unknown Horizon
The Vatican City State
guitar & vocal : juri
bass : trans yoshino
drums : shima
guitar : seven
That was happend this August, at my recently live as sevenZ, I saw the band ATARASHII HITO(neo human). That was SURPRIZE. Who is she? Yes, that was Juri. This tiny lady, but wide voice & clever toned guitar, her play was something else.
Few weeks later, I went to her live gig, and offered the session with. She was interested. So I contacted to Shima(a.k.a. Poetic Landscape, ex Katsurei). And the first plan she would find the bassist. But before this studio date, she e-mailed me that she couldn't. So I contacted to Yoshino(a.k.a DIP)
Then, we did the 3 hours improvisation. All was psychedelic, and also all had the different tales, different soundscape. Now I picked up these takes to the seven tracks. (3 tracks updated) These might be the beginings I believe. And hope you enjoy.
by seven. 24. Nov' 2003