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stomp private recordings 2016/02/14
on the sunnyside of the streat private recordings 2016/02/13
jesus private recordings 2015/11/12
stomp 2 らりは project penguin house koenji 2015/6/20
ミセス・ロビンソン的一日の過ごし方について(mrs.robinson) らりは solo harness asagaya 2015/03/27
no expectations らりは project penguin house koenji 2015/1/12
spirit of st'louis らりは project penguin house koenji 2015/1/12
mr. tambourine man らりは unit showboat koenji 2014/9/11
pierrot's acordion らりは solo caffe smile shibuya 2014/4/7
walk on the wildside らりは project harness asagaya 2013/12/15
転がる石みたいに(like a rollin' stone) らりは project penguin house koenji 2013/4/29
note of my dreams - love song らりは solo penguin house koenji 2012/7/04
hurdy gurdy song らりは solo penguin house koenji 2012/7/04

messenger (lyrics & music by sammi)
2013May17 chikyuya

sakana (live at penguin house 2012 Oct'22)

2014 works
rem sleep 10,563kb 2014 Mar' 26
2011-2012 works
jumping jack flush(m4a) 10,147kb 2012 Mar' 10
kicks4(m4a) 9,170kb 2012 Mar 7
ride2(m4a) 8,898kb 2012 Feb' 21
mr tambourine man 6,317kb 2011 May 22
sunny 4,221kb 2011 May 19
like a rolling stone(m4a w/kootown band mix) 9,831kb 2011 May 10
blowing in the wind 4,755kb 2011 May' 8
me and my deka blues 4,540kb 2011 Apr' 26
mrs robinson 5,276kb 2011 Mar' 17

about "blowin' in the wind"

venus in furs 6,510kb 2011 Jan'2 private recordings

2010/08/24 at Penguin house

born to boogie 4,500kb sevenZ
2010 Aug'21 studio α Vega pink studio
boom boom 5,888kb
venus 5,500kb
pierrot to shadowplay 10,971kb

spanish caravan 5,142kb 2010 Apr' 03 private recordings
faraway doll 4,666kb 2009 Dec' 26 private recordings

psycho rebirth #2

los doroncos2009 Aug' 14 "Psyche on a Summer's Day"

purple haze 4,929kb 2009 Jul' 9 private recordings

sevenZ 2009 Mar'13 at Penguin House

magic 5,498kb sevenZ
2009 Feb'27 studio UEN-Mstu
the last time 3,950kb